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Computer Museum

computer museumComputer Museum
Computer History


abcya is the leader in free educational kids computer games and activities for students to learn on the web.


Make and share videos online


I know
5th Grade Link
6th grade Link


MachinariumPlay 1st Level of the game free

Math Playground

math playgroundgrayscale animationTons of Math Games

Paper Airplanes

paper airplanesfolding paper airplanes
10 Online Designs


factmonsterFacts, Facts, Facts
World, USA, Homework, Science

Science News

science newsatom animationCool Science News for Kids from Atoms to Zeppelin


funschool - Click image to download.Addition Attack
 - Click image to download.Stories
 - Click image to download.Animal Safari

Global Warming

Global WarmingClimate Change Info's

Science - How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works3d CD
From Aspirin to Zeppelin.
How does it work?

schoolworkA +
Homework help, Dictionary, Games

Science - Kid's Energy

energy kidsatom animation
Energy: - History
- Saving
- Sources
- Games



cubes animation
Bullet 13 - Click image to download.Puzzles
Bullet 13 - Click image to download.Brain teaser
Bullet 13 - Click image to download.Time tables
Bullet 13 - Click image to download.Geometry

Big Brainz

Big Brainzsteel atoms
Free Timez Attack Game Multiplication

Solar System Animation

solar system
The best Solar System Animation


funbrainA +
Brainteaser, Math-Arcade, Reading Arcade

Primary Games

Primary GamesPrimaryGames
 - Click image to download.Puzzles
 - Click image to download.Telling Time
 - Click image to download.Widgets
 - Click image to download.Games


Forge FXComputer
-Design and Test Simulator
-Solar System

Origami Club

Origami Clubmotor animation
Origami: - Paper Airplanes
- Holidays

I like to learn

I like 2 learn
-Geography Quizzes

On Board of the Titanic

titanicHelm Animation
A virtual Field Trip